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Jeremy and Jennifer Ornelas are a local Portland husband and wife team that have been in real estate for twelve years. They have been married for over 20 years and have three kids; Lucy, Bailee, and Jameson. Jeremy grew up in Joseph, Oregon camping and hiking all over the Wallowa Mountains. Jennifer grew up in watermelon country in Hermiston, Oregon.

After years working in television, Jeremy took a job with a real estate company in 2010 to learn how to flip houses.  This job opportunity took their family from Portland, Oregon to Phoenix, Arizona. During that time Jeremy learned A LOT about real estate and how to flip houses quick to make money.  What they were still craving was having the freedom to be creative with design and take on projects that were fun.

So, they packed their family up, moved back home to Portland, and in 2013 took the leap of faith and started Samson Consulting.

Since starting Samson Consulting in May 2013, they have renovated houses all over Oregon focusing on Portland/Salem Metro, and in 2019 expanded the business to client designs and home staging.

Jennifer is the designer of the business, while she has taught Jeremy a lot about design and pillow placements (he does not love pillows), she loves to bring the character out of each home to help buyers picture themselves living there when they open the front door.  She is obsessed with accent tiles, paint colors, pillows, plants, and adding a touch of unique character to every home.

Jeremy is the day-to-day of the business, he works with contractors, sets budgets, and project manages the properties to the finish line. He is not as obsessed with pillows, but keeps jobs going with his knowledge of structural beams, roofs, siding, permits etc… all the “really” important parts of the house.

Together, they make a great team in renovating neighborhoods, one house at a time.