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Before and After: 114th Avenue Renovation

by | Dec 10, 2023

Happy Monday! Today on the blog we are showing off the befores and afters of our lovely 114th Avenue property. This is a fun one to look back on and remember where it started and where we were able to restore this property to! Every corner of this home had neglect and damage written all over it, but when we set foot on the property for the first time, we knew we could make it something special. From opening up the walls and bringing in lights with new windows, this home received a complete rebuild from stud to finishes. One of our favorite features was the detailing over the garage that the new owners actually repeated over the front doorway once they put their personal touches on it! It’s a special feeling being able to look back on a renovation and feel joy for the new homeowners who have already gotten to live so much life in it!

We are headed into the new year and looking forward to all the new projects we are going to get our hands on!